Ramper Innovations would like say thanks for your encouragement these last couple of years as well as say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019 .

It seems that everywhere you look you can find a blog or a podcast where someone is talking about something but I have not found one talking about the life of a ramp agent.

I’ve been considering writing about the airline industry from a ramper’s perspective for some time and now seems as good as any to start. Most people are not aware of what rampers do and the conditions under which they do them. Even other people in the airline industry have very little idea what’s required unless they worked as ramp service agents at some point in their career.

The news is geared towards bad news, and such is the case with ramp agents. When a Ramp Service agent does something that isn’t appropriate it becomes news and sometimes it even goes viral on social media.  For example, not long ago a video went viral of a ramp agents throwing luggage. However, when rampers go the extra mile to make a difference it is somehow an expectation that they are simply doing their job.

Having spent almost 40 years doing the job I have witnessed many acts of kindness and many times rampers going above and beyond the call of duty to help customers as well as colleagues. Examples range from volunteering to work so another agent can spend the day with their family to inviting the flight crew that was on a RON to their home for dinner. I have seen an agent deliver a lost bag on their own time and in their own car so that the gifts it contained would be under the Christmas tree the next morning. I have seen the smiles from a family when a ramp agent would keep updating them about their beloved pet on a weather delayed flight.  

Christmas at Heathrow Airport

photo via Ada Vogel

The holiday season is a stressful time of the year for everyone but it’s particularly stressful to the airline employees that help customers get to where they want to be for the holidays. Ramp service agents’ jobs become harder due to the amount of people traveling for the holidays and all the extra luggage that entails. In most places ramp agents are also experiencing extra work because of the increase in the volume of mail and cargo that goes with delivering Christmas orders in a timely manner.

Front-line employees, I want to say thanks for all that you do to make the holidays better for the people that are flying. Everyone else if you have an opportunity to say thanks to someone who is interacting with passengers and/or their belongings. Please take it, spread a little Holiday cheer and make someone’s day.

I am planning to do some posts about things affecting the ground service industry from a Ramp agents perspective every so often. If you are interested please sign up. I would also welcome your thoughts on subject matter.’

Happy Holidays.

Tim at Ramper Innovations.