Our products are based on my 38 years of industry experience and my passion to make ramp agents’ jobs safer and easier.

Hi there, my name is Tim Fulton, and I founded Ramper Innovations to help ramp agents work safer, faster and easier.

How can I do that? Well, I am currently retired from over 38 years as a ramp agent for Alaska Airlines. This gives me a unique insight into the challenges faced by ramp agents and the ground servicing environment. Trust me, after loading millions of pounds of commercial fish shipments in the aircraft belly I was aching for a better solution myself! By combining my extensive experience in the airline industry, including product development and services, I decided to set out to develop a better solution.

I have been developing my initial product, the fish roller system, for over 20 years. That system works great for loading / unloading fish boxes and bypass mail but needed improvements to work with baggage and other commodities that get loaded into aircraft bellies. This led me to start development of my next-generation tool, and I have been working on the new conveyer system, called “TISABAS” ™ for over 18 months now.

What makes my system unique is our commitment to making ramp agents’ work safer and easier, while not replacing their jobs. That is the primary focus of Ramper Innovations, and all of our products. There is no product comparable to ours on the market in terms of efficiency, safety, and price.

Coming from the same background as my clients gives me unique insights into the challenges they face. And I am passionate and committed to making ramp agents’ jobs safer and easier. But don’t just take my word for it! I have received several awards from Alaska Airlines for safety, environmental, customer service and innovation. I was especially honored to receive the Legend Award from Alaska Airlines, which is given to select employees for going above and beyond consistently over years of service.