On-the-Ground Expertise

TISABAS addresses these tough loading issues with a highly-functional solution for two pivotable reasons:

  • Our conversations with hundreds of carrier representatives working in fleets of all sizes and in widely diverse locations whose daily responsibilities focus on loading and unloading aircraft. They range from ramp agents to ground service, safety and ramp operations managers, up to airline presidents and CEOs.
  • Before we talked with these representatives? We did it ourselves. TISABAS was developed to address the problems identified during 38 years hands-on work as a ramp agent for a major U.S. airline. Before TISABAS, we also designed other equipment in active use today to overcome issues for specialized types of cargo.

Solving these problems provided the foundation for addressing the bigger issues of baggage handling in narrow bodied planes. TISABAS was created to handle the most common problems experienced by carriers and ground support companies, while increasing efficiency, decreasing injuries and reducing costs at the same time.

“TISABAS was developed after 38 years in the field actually handling baggage. I retired from Alaska Airlines after a career as a ramp agent. Every day, I saw the issues, injuries, extra time and unnecessary expense related to the way the aircraft were loaded and unloaded. TISABAS provides a solution to those issues.”
Tim J. Fulton