When I first arrived in Las Vegas for the International GSE Expo I was feeling more than a little apprehensive as I am a small fish swimming with some very large fish.

I kept remembering what a mentor had said to me, “You have an amazing and practical product and the world needs to know about it”. The International GSE Expo was exactly the place to start bringing TISABAS to the world.

My confidence from being involved with AeroInnovate and the EAA Airventure show also helped combat my feelings of apprehension.

Thanks to everyone that came to our booth and the positive feedback they gave us.  It didn’t take long for that feeling of apprehension to be replaced with a feeling of pride.

So much so that when Power Stow, the company that has thus far set the bar solving the issue of safely loading narrow-bodied aircraft, referred to me as their major competitor, I took it as a compliment. And I had a good chuckle when one of their team members won the $100 in fresh frozen Alaska seafood.

The three days went by in a blur and I wish there was more time to get to know those who stopped by my booth to introduce themselves and learn more about TISABAS.

I’m still getting a lot of encouraging feedback from our post-event emails. We’re getting a lot of interest from International companies and many emails from people saying they liked my product and wanted to be kept in the know as I continue to bring TISABAS to the world.

In case you missed being at GSE Expo with us, here’s a clip announcing the winner of our fresh frozen Alaskan seafood giveaway.