TISABAS saves time, and lower costs while preventing ramper injuries.

That’s the TISABAS advantage.

Our Objective: to Prevent as Many Ramp Agent Injuries as Possible.

38 years of experience in the industry, in conjunction with results of numerous studies, clearly show that change is needed.

The Problem

Ramp agents spend their working hours loading and unloading cargo and baggage weighing from 30-100 lbs. These items need to be moved in a space about 25 feet long and less than 4 feet high. In most cases this involves either throwing or sliding objects with great force, which causes numerous problems for ramp agents, airlines, and their customers.

The current system provides significant risk of bodily injuries as well as damage to aircraft and cargo. Sliding cargo is slow, and innefective, . The alternative of throwing objects can result in damage to aircraft and cargo. In addition, ramp agents can easily injure their backs by sliding or throwing cargo. The physical demands of the job alone cause inefficiencies in operations that stress ramp agents and cost money.

The costs add up


What are your costs in overtime to cover an injured employee?
What is your personnel cost of the injured employee? Just one injury will almost triple your workers comp premiums.


What is your cost to hire and train a new agent?
How much do inexperienced employees cost you?
Would a more experienced work force lower your management costs?

Aircraft Damage

How many delays were caused by aircraft damage last week alone?
How much did it cost to fix damage to aircraft bellies?

Damage to customers belongings

What did damaged baggage claims cost you last month?
What were your costs for damaged cargo?

Loss of efficiencies

Did your cargo loading process cause any aircraft delays last week?
Did you bump any cargo because your crew was too tired and simply bumped it?
Are you spending too much time dealing with customer complaints?

The Ramper Advantage

TISABAS is a compact motorized folding conveyor system that goes into the aircraft belly and mechanically moves baggage and cargo, eliminating the need to throw heavy baggage, mail and cargo the length of the aircraft belly.

Contact us and find out more about the benefits of TISABAS in your operation or to arrange a demonstration.