Finally, equipment designed to make ramp agents’ jobs safer and easier. It also reduces costs without eliminating their jobs.

 Ramper’s newest product is called TISABAS (pronounced ti-SAH-bus). And it could very well revolutionize the way ramp agents handle the loading and unloading of narrow-bodied aircraft around the world.

Currently narrow-bodied aircraft are loaded / unloaded manually or with a very expensive piece of equipment.  The former antiquated method results in high injury and turnover rates among ramp agents, damage to aircraft and luggage, and other issues all of which are very costly to airlines.  TISABAS solves these problems easily and efficiently.

Ramp agents will move more weight in less time, be less stressed while doing it and sustain fewer injuries.

TISABAS is designed to save airlines money while making ramp agents’ jobs easier and safer. Here is how it works.


TISABAS will be on the belt loader when it pulls up to the aircraft.  It is then moved inside the belly out of the way until it is needed. Sections are folded out as the agent goes further back into the belly.

The belting system takes the bag to the doorway eliminating the need for the agent to throw the heavy bag from his/her knees the length of the belly. Belly lengths can be up to 25 feet. Each section has a switch that activates the belts when that section is flat and stops the belts as soon as it starts to fold.


TISABAS remains in the aircraft belly after the unloading process and is positioned ready for the next loading process. The sections are folded up and out of the way as the belly fills. It then goes back onto the belt loader and is ready for the next flight.

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