Revolutionizing the airline industry 

Reducing costs, time and injuries of ground handling operations


Motorized Conveyor

Compact folding conveyor system

Low Cost Solution

Cheaper than alternatives

Reduces damage

To aircraft, baggage and cargo

Safer work environment

Less ramp agent injuries

Are you dealing with agent injuries and related time loss, including not having enough time to load cargo?

The Issues Today!

These are some of the most common and costly issues around loading and unloading aircraft.

Operational issues that every ground service manager needs to control for an efficient and safe operation with on-time schedules and on-budget operations.

The Solution: TISABAS™

These are the same issues TISABAS was designed to solve, issues which are especially significant when loading and unloading narrow-bodied aircraft. TISABAS is a compact motorized folding conveyor system that goes into the aircraft belly and mechanically moves baggage and cargo. eliminating the need to throw heavy baggage, mail and freight the length of the aircraft. This reduces time and operational costs while making ramp agent jobs safer, easier and more efficient.

Air carriers, ground-handling contractors and freight operators using TISABAS can:

  • Decrease agent injuries
  • Reduce damage to aircraft and baggage
  • Load more in less time
  • Lower agent turnover
  • Reduce operational costs



Backs saved!

TISABAS provides substantial time, safety and cost-savings advantages to aircraft operations. 

Our Mission:

To prevent as many ramp agent injuries as possible.

Today, there is a significant risk of injuries to ramp agents as a result of how cargo is currently loaded and unloaded. In addition, we see damage to aircraft and cargo. The physical demands of the job alone cause inefficiencies in operations…

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What Rampers say

“When I first tried TISABAS, two of us unloaded a fully packed pit 4 (737-800) without breaking a sweat. No stress on the back, shoulders or elbows. I was also impressed at how fast the sections folded down and lengthened as the pit emptied out. Two thumbs up!!!”

Greg Reynolds
Ramp Service Agent

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