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Our Mission:

Reducing Ramp Agent Injuries

Today, there is a significant risk of injuries to ramp agents as a result of how cargo is currently loaded and unloaded. In addition, we see damage to aircraft and cargo. The physical demands of the job alone cause inefficiencies in operations.

Industry Problems

These are some of the most common and costly issues around loading and unloading aircraft. Operational issues that every ground service manager needs to control for an efficient and safe operation with on-time schedules and on-budget operations.

On-site Injuries​

Studies show that 76% of ramp agents will have a time-loss injury at one point in their career. However, only 1/3 of injuries to Ramp agents get recorded as time-loss injuries. Non-recorded injuries are costing Airlines money in hard-to-measure ways. Injured employees will:

• Be less efficient • Call in sick more often • Have lower morale • Be more likely to seek work elsewhere

Loading Times

1. A well-rested, experienced crew manually handles 15 bags a minute. With TISABAS, the team is not stressed, and even an inexperienced team can move 16 bags a minute at its slowest speed.

2. TISABAS fast speed moves up to 24 bags a minute. MUT (make-up time) is huge with this potential.

Damage Claims

1. Airlines spend $2.1B in baggage claims a year.

2. Damage to cargo and mail is also a factor.

3. Throwing items also results in substantial damage to the aircraft.

Worker's Compensation

1. On average, a worker’s comp claim costs $122,000 for direct cost and increased premiums.

2. Indirect costs such as administration, overtime, and additional stress on a crew are also significant.

Departure Delays

Three of the top 7 reasons an aircraft are delayed involve the loading and unloading process.

Decreased Revenue

Cargo often gets bumped because the lead feels he or she doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to stress the crew further. This slows down the flow of operations, which affects the ability to bring in revenue.

The Solution:


(TI)m • (SA)ves • (BA)cks

These are the same issues TISABAS was designed to solve, issues which are especially significant when loading and unloading narrow-bodied aircraft.

TISABAS is a compact motorized folding conveyor system that goes into the aircraft belly and mechanically moves baggage and cargo. This eliminates the need to throw heavy baggage, mail and freight the length of the aircraft.

This approach also reduces time and operational costs, while making ramp agent jobs safer, easier and more efficient. Air carriers, ground-handling contractors and freight operators using TISABAS can:

Benefits of TISABAS™

Motorized Conveyor

Utilizing a motorized conveyor reduces the manual labor needed to move cargo/bags, and facilitates an ergonomic work environment, reducing injuries.

Low-Cost Solution

TISABAS is approximately 85-90% less expensive to purchase than our closest competitor or the current manual method.

To Ramp Agents, the benefits are priceless.

Reduces Damage

TISABAS allows for a smooth delivery process of luggage and cargo. This eliminates the impact of items being thrown down the belly of the plane, and nearly eliminates any damage from that process to planes, cargo and members of your team.

Safer Work Environment

TISABAS allows baggage/cargo handling staff to complete their work in an ergonomic position in cramped conditions.

Increased Efficiency

With TISABAS, handling teams are able to move more cargo and baggage in less time, and with fewer people.

Increased Profitablity

With TISABAS, you can move more material in less time with minimal stress on the crew. As a result, airlines can consistently move more cargo on passenger flights, ADDING REVENUE DIRECTLY TO THE BOTTOM LINE.

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