Users Say

I think TISABAS will greatly reduce the chances of my crew getting injured. It makes the physical aspects of the job so much easier.

Tim Holder

Ramp Service Agent



It saves time, it saves effort, it saves manpower! It will save on injuries, cost of injuries and keep newer people around longer.

Evan Sutton

Ramp Service Agent


Using the system was amazing. The way it works is simple and easy. It sure makes a difference in how my back feels after unloading and loading the plane.

Virgil Davis

Ramp Service Agent


The way the conveyor works is very slick! Folds out easy, folds up easy and compared to throwing the bags TISABAS makes the job so much easier.

Bill Greer

Ramp Service Agent



TISABAS makes the whole process better on my back, better on the bags, and better on the aircraft.

Bob Weaver

Ramp Service Agent


This conveyer makes all aspects of loading and unloading the aircraft much easier.  The simple fact that it is getting the bags up off the belly floor where I can get my hands under them and not have to grip the bags saves so much energy.

Steven Jeffries

Ramp Service Agent

Managers & Partners Say

Luis Ramos
CEO, Aerocharter on LinkedIn

“This is how we do it (TISABAS). Preighter efficiency at its finest. From 6hr turn arounds to just under 2.5 hrs. We give the aircraft back to the operators quicker so they can fly more and make more while saving the backs of our staff.”


Søren Gaarn Jensen
Arbejdsmiljøassistent hos SAS Ground Handling CPH / Health&safety representative, SAS Ground Handling CPH on LinkedIn

“A great solution to minimize the workload for the baggage handler.”


SGW Designworks
Client shout-out on LinkedIn

“We noticed this Core77 article and couldn’t help but think of Tim Fulton’s product, the TISABAS™, which is a great example of innovation in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) space. We’ve enjoyed working on a number of GSE projects, and we’re seeing some really impressive tech making its way into GSE applications!”

Luis Ramos
CEO, Aerocharter on LinkedIn

“Your development will increase the efficiency in cargo and baggage handling. It will save the bucks of our front-line ambassadors. We thank you for helping us to achieve our 25-minute turnaround mandate.”

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