How is TISABAS powered?

TISABAS is powered by converting the belt loaders 14-volt power to 24 volts by simply hooking a converter to the battery posts and then running power cables with a quick connector that plugs into TISABAS.

What are the main qualities of TISABAS?
  • Makes the job safer and easier for ramp agents
  • Reduces cost to airlines by;
    • Decreasing injuries
    • Decreasing agent turnover
    • Decreases damage to bags and aircraft
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Increases the hiring pool as it is less physical
  • Increases cargo revenue by giving time to add after passenger baggage
  • In summary – simply move more in less time with less stress on the crew

We have calculated TISABAS will reduce costs by $1m (USD) per gate over 5 years.

What costs will TISABAS help to lower?
  • Agent Injury and turnover and all the costs associated with these!
  • Damage to the aircraft as well as to baggage, mail and cargo!
  • Reducing cost of delays.
  • Savings in FTE’s because of increased efficiencies, team members can be moved to other flight quicker and will be less tired when they get there.
  • Iincrease revenue by being able to consistently move more cargo.
What percentage of damage to luggage will TISABAS decrease?
  • Damage to bags, mail and cargo that happen in the belly will be reduced 100%.
  • (Majority of damage to customers belongings happens in the aircraft belly)
  • Mis-routed bags will be reduced significantly because of the added sets of eyes from the more relaxed pace of loading.
How much does a single unit weigh?

The unit weighs 90k (200 pounds).

What is the length of one unit?

Four sections are 1.5 meters (5feet) in length, each with a total folded out length of 6 meters (20 feet). We can easily remove with tools the sections in 5-foot increments.

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