Commemorating Innovation in Aviation

Boeing 707-349C N32 (Photo courtesy of Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association)


Commemorating Innovation in Aviation


This week, we’re celebrating a round-the-world, pole-to-pole flight led by retired TWA pilots, Harrison Finch and Fred Lester Austin, Jr., in November 1965. The journey covered a distance of 26,230 miles during a flight duration of 57 hours and 27 minutes. They flew an aircraft named, “PoleCat,” a new Boeing 707-349C, leased from the Flying Tiger Line. The crew of 11 included 3 additional pilots, 3 flight engineers and 3 navigators.


In addition, there were 27 passengers onboard. One of those was Colonel Willard Rockwell, Sr., founder of the Rockwell Corporation, who covered the majority of the flight’s expense. Newly-developed navigational equipment from Litton Systems and Collins Radio was also deployed on the flight.


Thank you to for reporting this historic achievement, demonstrating one of the countless risks and innovations in aviation that has formed the foundation for the industry today.

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