Ramp Agents Talk About the Stress of Their Jobs

Ramp Agents Talk About the Stress of Their Jobs


Manually loading and unloading baggage in a plane’s belly is an extremely demanding job. Handling thousands of pounds of cargo when constrained by low clearances is not only exhausting, it brings significant injury risks when heavy objects are thrown the length of the aircraft belly. Backs, already under the strain of lifting and twisting, are especially in jeopardy.


In recent posts on Core77 and Reddit, ramp agents commented on the stress of their jobs:


  • “Not uncommon to load over 200 bags and thousands of pounds of mail and freight in a flight –and your flight can’t be a minute late…”
  • “Literal back-breaking work…”
  • “I’m in my 40’s and did this job in my 20’s and my back is still jacked as are my knees…”
  • “Repetitive stress injuries…”


At Ramper Innovations, we understand the pain as we’ve done the job ourselves for over 30 years. This provided the inspiration for TISABAS. Our affordable, compact motorized conveyor system mechanically moves baggage and cargo the length of the aircraft. It was designed to make ramp agent jobs safer, easier and more efficient, while at the same time, reducing time and operational costs of loading and unloading. Ramp agents, help is on the way.

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