Ramper Innovations Revolutionizes Baggage Handling with Motorized Conveyor

Ramper Innovations Revolutionizes Baggage Handling with Motorized Conveyor


TISABAS benefits include worker safety, faster loading/unloading speed, and significant cost-savings


Our CEO & Founder – Tim Fulton – coined the phrase TISABAS at Ramper Innovation’s inception almost a decade ago and hasn’t looked back since. TISABAS stands for “Tim Saves Backs” – (TI)m SA(ves) (BA)cks – and that’s exactly what our product continues to deliver on a daily basis for our clients and customers. 


The aviation ground handling sector has long been riddled with a myriad of issues that have lately been exacerbated. We’re seeing firsthand the roadblocks airports and airlines are running into right now as supply chain issues rock a post-pandemic world and air travelers as well as industry employees suffer the consequences. From long and strenuous baggage loading times, to worker injury, departure delays and most recently labor shortages, airlines are struggling to not only pinpoint and hold onto talent, but also keep customers satisfied and workers safe. 


Perhaps the most talked about issue in aviation right now is the labor shortage at airports. It’s no secret that when an airline doesn’t have the crew to accommodate its passengers travel delays ensue. One type of delay that has become all too common is baggage handling related. Reports have been swirling of baggage taking a very long time to either load or unload – largely due to staffing shortages. The result? Departure and arrival delays. 


That’s where one of TISABAS’ many benefits comes in. Our proprietary motorized conveyor belt solves issues which are especially significant when quickly and safely loading and unloading narrow-bodied aircraft – resulting in a number of positive outcomes, not just when it comes to helping to address labor shortages causing baggage bottlenecks. A compact and portable solution, TISABAS goes into the aircraft belly and mechanically moves baggage and cargo. This completely eliminates the need to throw heavy baggage, mail and freight the length of the aircraft – reducing time and operational costs for airlines and also making ramp agent jobs safer, easier and more efficient. 


Simply put: our product is a win-win solution. TISABAS is designed to save airlines money while making ramp agents’ jobs easier and safer – not to mention faster and more efficient. When it comes to loading and unloading, our motorized conveyor truly simplifies and speeds up the process from start to finish.


Unloading Process 

  • While unloading, TISABAS will be on the belt loader when it pulls up to the aircraft. It is then moved inside the belly out of the way until it is needed. 
  • Sections are folded out as the agent goes further back into the belly. 
  • The belting system takes the bag to the doorway eliminating the need for the agent to throw the heavy bag from his/her knees the length of the belly. 
  • Belly lengths can be up to 25 feet and each section starts automatically when it is extended and folded flat and stops when the section is folded back up again. There are switches just on the far ends of the unit.


Loading Process 

  • When loading an aircraft, TISABAS remains in the aircraft belly after the unloading process and is positioned ready for the next loading process. 
  • The sections are folded up and out of the way as the belly fills. 
  • It then goes back onto the belt loader and is ready for the next flight.


Yes, it’s really that easy. 


Ramper Innovation’s CEO & Founder Tim Fulton was recently interviewed by Juneau Empire where he recounts how he came up with the idea for TISABAS. After working as a ramp agent himself for nearly four decades loading and unloading planes, he didn’t know many colleagues who were lucky enough to avoid severe back pain. He knew there had to be a better way – so he set out to create it. What originally started as a product used to transport fish off of the bellies of aircrafts in Sitka, Alaska has now transformed into something much bigger – and the hope is that we’re just getting started. 


As airlines navigate the new world we live in and work tirelessly to ensure air travelers experience premium service at our airports, modern ground handling and safety equipment will be key to achieving success. At Ramper Innovations, we want to lead the charge in facilitating this change with a quality, affordable solution that will take airlines one step closer to guaranteeing a seamless travel experience – saving backs, money, and time for all involved at your next trip to the airport. 

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