Thoughts From Paris: CEO & Founder of Ramper Innovations – Tim Fulton – Reflects on the GSE Expo 2022

Thoughts From Paris: CEO & Founder of Ramper Innovations – Tim Fulton – Reflects on the GSE Expo 2022


I recently traveled to Paris, France for the International GSE Expo – where ground support companies from all over the world gather to showcase the newest, most innovative products and services in ground handling.


I always welcome the chance to explore other cities and countries, and I was especially excited that this time around I was fortunate enough to explore the City of Light. The GSE Expo was a defining moment for us as it’s where we officially introduced Ramper Innovations’ motorized baggage & cargo conveyor, TISABAS, to the European Ground Handling community in-person.


Thanks to IEAMA for their vision and follow through to establish a new event for the ground handling industry. An additional thanks to Ground Handling International & MA Exhibitions for a great job of putting together a well-organized, well-run EXPO.


It’s safe to say that for Ramper Innovations, the exhibition was a success. At our booth, we met and mingled with new customer prospects, current clients, as well as general industry professionals that were interested in TISABAS, the product’s core features, as well as differentiators. The buzz surrounding TISABAS was palpable; our booth was crowded as I demonstrated the product. We even got to meet with Ramper Innovations’ first customer – Luis Ramos at Aerocharter de Mexico – whom we hadn’t seen in quite some time.


All-in-all: I was thankful for the moments that took place within the exhibition halls. The GSE Expo provided our team with the international networking we were missing for quite some time. If I learned anything while there, it’s that airlines – and ramp agents themselves – are hungry for change relative to the way baggage and cargo are loaded and unloaded.


We assured them we’re here because we want to be the ones that induce that change.


While the exposition itself was eye-opening, it’s what I saw outside of the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre that really had me thinking. Of course, my wife Leslie and I took some time to take in the sights – because what’s Paris without some sightseeing?


It’s throughout this time that I could deduce some key takeaways about the industry I am so passionate about – this time, in a larger, more global context.


Sitting at an outdoor cafe in Paris, I wasn’t paying much attention to the dog that was a couple of tables down, as it was typical to see dogs at the cafes we frequented. What did get my attention was another dog walking past with its owner. The interaction between the two dogs was exactly what I see on a regular basis when I walk my dogs at home. It didn’t matter that they were half a world away; they still were dogs and interacted the same way as they would, regardless of location.


An additional experience piqued my interest in the shared experiences of humanity, which involved my trip to Normandy to visit the WWII cemetery, where my wife’s Uncle is buried. This was a particularly humbling and powerful experience. Upon our visit, we learned there are 9000 American souls interred on the property – only about 40% of the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in the WWII European Campaign.


These moments caused me to think further about the similarities we hold as people, no matter what culture, background, nationality, or creed we come from. We all experience joy, laughter, sadness, anger; the list goes on. We all have hopes and dreams, we all have wants and needs that may not exist currently, or maybe they do, and most importantly, we all want to make an impact – no matter how big or small – in the time we’re here.


For me personally, this all ties back to the ground handling industry. For you, it will likely be something different.


As a former ground handler, it was particularly rewarding to see the reactions to TISABAS from those all over the world. The mere fact that our small booth in a Paris exhibition center – nearly 5,000 miles from Alaska where I first had the idea for TISABAS – was met with such praise signals that the physical demands of ground handling are universal. Simply put: our mission of creating a safer, more effective belly loading/unloading process resonates with all.


Here at Ramper Innovations we are increasingly grateful for the people we’ve met along our journey introducing TISABAS to the world. Thanks to TISABAS, we’ve made good friends around the globe, from India to Europe to Africa to Asia. We are passionate about our product and our mission, and that passion continues to be reinforced through our interactions with new people and the new friends we make along the way.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to see how we can solve your ground handling safety needs with a simple solution!


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